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Technical Specifications

The Maine Campus accepts advertisements in PDF, EPS, JPEG and TIFF formats, though PDFs are preferred. We will not accept Microsoft Word or Publisher documents. Any ads that do not conform to our settings will be charged a typesetting fee.

Color advertisements must be sent in CMYK format. If the are not they may not be detected and therefore may not print correctly, and no refund will be available. If it is detected, you will be charged a typesetting fee.

Black and white advertisements must be sent in grayscale format.

Sizes are strict and you may be charged a typesetting fee if your ad does not conform to the size of the space you bought. All ads are sold by the column inch, meaning they are measured by however many columns wide they are times their height, in inches.

For best results, embed all fonts and save your ad at 300 DPI. Again, The Maine Campus is not responsible for your errors.

Column widths:

  1. 1.7778"
  2. 3.7222"
  3. 5.6667"
  4. 7.6111"
  5. 9.5556"
  6. 11.5"
Ads can be up to 21" tall.