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The Maine Campus archives
The front page of The Maine Campus from October 1, 1912.

The Maine Campus was founded in 1875 and has served as the University of Maine Newspaper by students for students ever since. It is published twice a week, on Mondays and Thursdays, and can be found all over campus by noon those days.

The Campus has a long history of producing working journalists. Alumni of The Campus have gone on to work for national organizations such as The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times and The Associated Press and local newspapers such as The Bangor Daily News, The Kennebec Journal, and The Lewiston Sun Journal. Stephen King, a little known horror writer, wrote a column dubbed “King’s Garbage Truck.”

Approximately 4,500 copies of The Campus are printed every issue. The Campus currently publishes on Mondays and Thursdays, excluding school vacations and exam weeks. The paper is distributed around campus and to a few off-campus locations.

The Campus is a direct-funded student organization, meaning it is an independent company that receives money directly from the school and is not under the purview of student government. The Campus is partially funded through the communications fee and partially funded through ad sales. The paper is editorially independent of the university.

In fall 2009, The Maine Campus switched from tabloid to broadsheet.

The Campus has been online since the late 1990s at mainecampus.com. Until 2009 mainecampus.com was maintained by College Media Network. In June 2009 the site was transferred completely off CMN's network and the site is now operated completely by The Maine Campus.

If you are interested in writing for The Maine Campus please contact Michael Shepherd, editor in chief, or one of the section editors listed on the staff page. Any student may contribute — experience is not required.